Monday, 16 April 2018

Mini Dental Implants

New Breakthrough Provides a Solution for Loose, Slipping Dentures

Has reduced bone density blocked you from obtaining the implants you really wanted? Are you exasperated with dentures that shift, slide, or wander, and you would prefer the strength and stability of implants if they were possible? If so, you will be excited to learn about the relatively recent breakthrough known as mini implants. Mini implants firmly anchor your dentures, abolishing slippage and trapped food. They can also be employed to replace one missing tooth, can be done in a single visit, and are essentially painless. In fact, you can look forward to eating regular foods the same day you obtain them. They can often be located where regular implants cannot, so it is feasible for you to receive the benefits of mini implants even if you are not a candidate for regular implants.
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