Friday, 7 December 2018

Alternative Gum Disease Treatment

A Painless Way to Avoid Gum Surgery

There is an established, FDA-approved treatment for gum disease that has been pronounced to be miraculous. It's called Perio Protect™, and it may save you from having to submit to gum surgery. It's easy, completely painless, and exceedingly effective. In fact, it's as simple as wearing teeth whitening trays! In order for gum disease treatments to be fully effective, the medication must remain between your teeth and below the gum line. Up until now, the difficulty has always been keeping the medication in these areas. Your mouth has a persistent flow of saliva that washes away medications in just a minute or two. This reduces the effectiveness of most gum treatment. The innovation of Perio Protect is that the use of special trays maintains the medication where it's required to be for a much longer period of time. This equates to healing that can occur very quickly. Patients often see results in just a few days. If you've been advised that you may need gum surgery – inquire with us first to see if you are a candidate for Perio Protect!

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